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About Self Study Reports

The Self-Study Report is an evidential document completed by a program undergoing initial accreditation or re-accreditation.The Self-Study Report consists of an electronic Excel-based file and appendices that are sent in advance of the site visit.

In lines with NAAC’s conviction that quality concerns are institutional, Quality Assessment

( QA) can better be done through self-evaluation. The self evaluationprocess and the subsequent preparation of the Self Study Report ( SSR) to be submitted to NAAC involves the participation of all the stakeholders- management, faculty members, administrative staff , students, parents, employers, community and alumni.

While the participation of internal stakeholders i.e. management, staff and students provide credibility and ownership to the activity and could lead to newer initiatives, interaction with the external stakeholders facilitate the development process of the institution and their educational services. Overall, the Quality Assessment is expected to serve as a catalyst for institutional self- improvement, promote innovation and strengthen the urge to excel.

Quality Indicator Framework ( QIF)

The criteria based assessment forms the backbone of A&A process of NAAC. The seven criteria represent the core functions and activities of a HEI. In the revised framework not only the academic and administrative aspects of institutional functioning but also the emerging issues have been included. The seven Criteria to serve as basis for assessment of HEIs are:

  1. Curricular Aspects.
  2. Teaching- Learning and Evaluation
  3. Research, Innovations and Extension
  4. Infrastructure and Learning Resources
  5. Student Support and Progression
  6. Governance, Leadership and Management
  7. Institutional Values and Best Practices